20 Feb 2013

Design team call

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Hi dear fans of the Paper Shelter, friends and crafters! It's time for a new design team call here at the "Shelter". Our term is coming to and end and sadly a few of our members are leaving. So lucky for all of you out there we, we are looking for 8 new designers to join our teams.

The DT call will run from today, 10th of February till 20th of February. So you will have 10 days to apply to the team. One entry per applicants only. We will find our way around your blog. Also please write DT after your application. Last time there was a lot of you entering our challenges in the call and it took a lot of time to sort that out.

Note that we will not accept any stamped images 
in our DT call. 
We are a digital company and want to see what you can do with your digital images and papers. (It's not necessary to use digital papers in the call, only digital image). Of course we'll be looking at your creations with stamped images as well, but we want a short cut to the digital ones. LoL 
You also need to be able to communicate in English as it's that language we use on the dt blog. 

Our new term starts of 6th of March and will last for at least 6 months. If you are one of the chosen ones and make the team you are more than welcome to stay on the team after that as well. You are of course required to be able to start working with us right away. As the first challenge for the new B-team will start 6th of March. The A-team will have their first challenge 13th of March.

Any questions after you have read this post, just put them in the commenting box and we try to answers as soon as we can, ok?

What you need to do to apply to the team
  • As we are a digital company and work with digital images you need to use a digi for your application. It doesn't have to be new, and it doesn't even have to be a TPS image, but we do would love to see you use them.
  • Your colouring skills needs to be really good, and that is one of the main things we are looking for when we pick our new members. 
  • Do show your style in your creation. We want to see your style of crafting being it vintage, CAS, colourful, pastels etc. You can apply with any kind of project you want to card, LO, altered project etc but it does have to have a digital image on it that you have coloured yourself.
  • Make sure there is come way we can get the hold of your e-mail address on your blog. Would hate not being able to contact you if you are one of the chosen ones. (We will not leave a comment telling you that you are one of the lucky ones).

This is what you need to be do regularly 
for the Paper Shelter
  • Of course you need to be able to work with digital images as we are a digital company. We have both digital images and paper packs.
  • We feel that everyone that takes part in our challenges should get at least to comments from the team. So every second week we need you to do your commenting in time. (That means before the next challenge goes live). We do have a comment rota, two numbers for each and everyone of the team. 
  • You need to post your card with a link to your blog in time on our design team blog, and on your own blog. (Yes, you do need to have a blog where you post regularly, at least once per week.) In time meaning at the latest Monday eve 1800 UK time. The challenges goes live Wednesday 0900 UK time. 
  • The Paper Shelter does also provide pre coloured images so it would be nice if you would be able to use one of those every now and then as well. 
  • If you of some reason isn't able to take part in one of our challenges, you have to tell your team leader in time. 
  • If feeling like it, you are more than welcome to provide creations for both the A and B team. But you always need to take part in your "own" team's challenges.
  • Taking part in blog hops (we have at least one every year) and other adventures we might do here at the Shelter.
Benefits for our team members
  • As a starting point you'll get a very generous gift certificate so that you can purchanse the items you need to get you started your designs for the Paper Shelter.
  • You will receive all the new products that is produced during your time in the design team.
  • You get a whole bunch of new friends in our teams.
  • Help and inspiration from a whole bunch of lovely crafters.
  • We do have all our challenges up on the design team blog in plenty of time, so you know what you should be doing for coming challenges. 

This is it! I hope I have covered what needs to be covered here. But if there is any questions at all, just ask. Nothing is to stupid to ask about. You don't have to have any DT experience before. Don't be shy, give it your best and try. We will only contact the ones who has made it to the team. The new teams will be presented the 27th of February here on the challenge blog. 

We are looking forward to see your entries for our DT call, please tell your friends about the call on your blog, and please do take part in our look out for new members and friends.

Love and crafting hugs

Please note that it takes up a lot of time to have a dt call so it's up to you to make sure that you are entering the right link, either for the DT call or the challenge or both, but then you have to link at both places. If you by any reason forget the DT after your name, leave a comment and I fix it for you if you can't do it yourself.

* All entries for the DT call up to #43 is checked and corrected.  

33 comentarios:

Suzanne said...

No linky to enter for the DT call??

Suzanne said...
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Tamara said...

it's not the 10th yet =) I think that's why the linky isn't working for now.

Suzanne said...

oops silly me thanks

Chitra Nair said...

Do we have to work with digi papers.? if selected ;)

Cards By MI said...

No you don't, but there is also some lovely things to fold and make in to boxes and stuff like that. It's good to show that off sometimes as well, but not necessary, no.

craftyteacher (Vikki) said...

just to clarify, the 2 seperate teams means that we'd only have a chalenge to design for once a fortnight rather than every week?

Cards By MI said...

Yes that's correct. One challenge per team every second week.

crafty lynn said...

How do you ask to join a DT.

Cards By MI said...

We send an email if you wonder how we contact you if you are picked for the team. If the question is how you do to apply it's by leaving a link here in the call so we can come and check it out.

happyglitzygirl said...

Thanks for the opportunity to apply for a DT position, love, love all of your designs, have had the pleasure to play with them on the different DT 's I have been on, and really enjoyed them. Best of luck with your quest, blessings Hilde

Lydia Boode said...

Thanks for this opportunity, I love the images and I have use them alot also for different dt work. from know I'm counting the day's.

luanimations said...

Do I need to have a fancy blog? Im just staring mine.

luanimations said...
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Cards By MI said...

It doesn't have to be fancy but you do need post at least once per week.

Linda Simpson said...

Oh I am so excited. Going to apply for this and thank you for the chance in applying too.

Linda xxx

cheribug said...

i tried to upload my card but it wont let says it cant be uploaded good luck ladies your card are amazing

Marianne said...

Thanks for the opportunity to apply for a DT position, I love Paper Shelter digi's.
Hugs, Marianne

Sheryl said...

Thanks for the opportunity to apply. I love your images and have used them on several different projects.
Fingers Crossed.
Sheryl xx

Jennipher said...
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Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh thank you so much for the chance to apply. Your images are just so delightful and I would love the chance to be on your amazing DT!! x

Pam said...

Thank you for the chance to be on the design team and work with your sweet images! x

Tanya S said...

Ok maybe I'm tired or something lol But You have weekly challenges correct and have two DTs so the teams alternate projects( hence two projects a month ) I hope I understand that correctly lol

Cards By MI said...

Yes, two teams. We take turn one week the A-team, the next the B-team. Sometimes that means two challenges per month for the team, sometime three. All depending on how the months "looks".

Lori Aragon said...

Your images are ADORABLE! Thank you for taking the time to consider my work!
It would be such an honor to work with your team :D

Stampers Delights said...

Good luck everyone XXX

Unknown said...

Grrrrrrrrr, just realised I forgot to add the DT after my name(read twice it's needed lol ) can you please delete it so I can re-do it correctly, serves me right watching telly and blogging lol
Good luck to everyone
Ildiko x

wlbillings said...

Thank you for he opportunity to try out for a design team position. I have had a blog for about a year but haven't promoted it as I wanted to make sure I enjoyed blogging and knew what I was doing lol . I am telling you this as i read it was a requirement to post at least once a week. If selected, I would be happy to do so. Along with telling people about my blog and The Paper Shelter. Just wanted you to know. Wendy

Janie Printz said...

I so wanted to enter the DT but was trying to beat the deadline & forgot to put DT after my name ... Can you delete this so I can reenter ...
Janie Printz

Cards By MI said...

Janie, I have fixed that for you.

CuteNCrafty Mommy said...

I am number 88. My email is tabithat7 at gmail dot com:)

NickScrapShack said...

So many talented crafters. Good luck to everyone! I am sure The Paper Shelter will have an awesome dt's team soon.

JoanieMc said...

A N T I C I P A T I O N !!! LOL. Gosh, lots of entries, good luck everyone!